mills to grind beans into flour

The 5 Best Hand Operated Grain Mills | Product . Some users have described using their hand operated grain mills to grind up wheat berries and great northern beans to make their own flour- saying that they were looking for a grain mill that was affordable but that would also work if the power went out. Interestingly, with the Victorio grain mill, you can purchase an accessory that will ... Best Manual Grain Mills for Milling at Home | Backdoor ... You need to grind the grain into flour, or crack it open, at least, if making soup or alcohol. Chances are, if you're in the position where you have to mill grain for flour the grid is down and even if you have your own supply of . Home Grain Mills - Comparison of Manual Grain . You can also use it as a corn grinder to make your own corn meal, or to grind dried beans for bean flour. Sunflower seeds, pepitas, almonds, peanuts and a variety of small grains can all be ground for flours or spreads.    Read More