how to make shoe covers felt

Linda's Art Quilts: Elf Costume for Adults - Make Your . Dec 01, 2011· The two flaps at the back of the shoe were also folded over and pressed in place to make a back cuff. Rubberized Outer Sole Since these felt "shoes" are going to be worn over street shoes, and since they will be subjected to a variety of walking surfaces, they needed to have a non-slip bottom surface. Printable Elf Shoe Cover Patterns - Easy Free Patterns Printable Elf Shoe Cover Patterns. View Pattern. Elf Shoe Pdf Pattern And Tutorial. Download. Preview. ... Felt Shoe Covers Costume Shops Sometimes Sell Elf Shoes And. Download. Preview. ... Red Fur Elf Shoe Covers With Bells Fits Most Adult Or Teen Shoes. Download. Preview. How to Make an Elf Costume - YouTube Nov 05, 2010· Step 5: Elf your shoe covers Cut a 12- by 5-inch strip of gold felt. Cut out a line of triangles along one of the longer edges. Then cut a 12-inch elastic strip and sew both it and the straight side of the felt strip along the top of the shoe cover so the triangles point upward. Fold the triangles down to overlap the shoe's tongue, top, and back. How To Make Shoe Covers Felt - pimes To make an elf costume, put together a Christmas vest with buttons, a green triangular felt hat, pointy felt covers to go over shoes, makeshift pointy ears, tights and a turtleneck shirt. The costume requires green and possibly gold felt for the hat and shoe covers as well as construction paper and .    Read More