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Structural Insulated Panels Making the Decision - . Structural Insulated Panels - What Makes The Difference? With all the different Structural Insulated Panels to choose from, what really makes the difference? Our next few posts will discuss some of the differences in SIP products and materials. DIY Foam Core Panel | DoItYourself Openings in the panels, such as for doors and windows, may be precut at the factory or cut with standard tools by the builder at the construction site. In 1993, a structural insulated panel home was built adjacent to an identical, conventional wood-framed house. Limitations of Insulated Metal Panels - Bautex Systems May 17, 2017 Limitations of Insulated Metal Panels. Insulated metal panels have been an increasingly popular building material over the last ten years.This is due to the fact that they are relatively easy to install, offer significant energy efficiency savings, and come with a lifespan up to sixty years.    Read More