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GEAR HOBS & MILLING CUTTERS - s3.serverdata GEAR HOBS & MILLING CUTTERS Hob & Milling cutters for the gear manufacturing industry. ... forms and are made in single and multiple thread types. They are used to produce at only one depth of cut. Star SU manufactures accurate, long-lasting, form-relieved milling ... Material: M4 Rex45 Rex54 Rex76 T-15 Other materials are . UNIT 13 DESIGN OF GUIDEWAYS AND and Spindle . functions and types of guideways and spindle are also explained. Objectives After studying this unit, you should be able to understand • various types and functions of guideways, • the design of slideways, • the design of spindle, and ... Design of Guideways FINE AND EXTRA-FINE - tlt.as THE FIELDS OF APPLICATION AUBEMA vibrating mills are used for grinding of almost all materials concerning processing industry, .    Read More