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NICKEL PLATED CHECK RING - Lamp Parts | Lamp . Light NICKEL PLATED CHECK RING and Lamp NICKEL PLATED CHECK RING available at MyLampParts. We have the lamp parts you . Electroless Nickel Plating Tutorial - Caswell Inc Electroless Nickel is applied by heating the nickel bath to 195°F, and then immersing the part to be plated into the bath for 15-60 minutes, depending on the desired thickness. No rectifiers or DC power are required - an autocatalytic reaction . MnTAP – Plating Selecting Materials But, the plating on the steel tube was acceptable. The manufacturer called their plater and learned electroless nickel–as well as most other types of plating–does not bond well to stainless steel. To salvage the parts, the plating was stripped and the parts received a nickel strike followed by replating with electroless nickel.    Read More