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How Much Material? - Biomass One Coverage Chart. First Determine the square footage of the area to be covered. (Length x Width) Then decide on how deep you want to apply the material. Titan's Theory: Biomass and the Monster Lore - . It has to do with my theory of 'biomass'. This idea came from me being pissed that people kept saying the Kraken uses 'dark energy' while it clearly is using electricity. That got me thinking, what if the monsters are using some other form of energy to utilize attacks, known in game as dark energy. Renewable Biomass Energy Renewable Biomass Energy Nisha Sriram, Member, IEEE and Mohammad Shahidehpour, Fellow, IEEE Electric Power and Power Electronics Center Illinois Institute of Technology Chicago, Illinois 60616 Abstract-- This paper discusses biomass as a renewable energy source. The paper defines the resources as well as the    Read More