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Cutting Stone with Water and Light - SignIndustry Engraving and cutting in stone have come a long way since the times of the mallet, chisel, and saw. Today's computer technology has opened up lucrative new areas of business for sign makers, and when you add in the fact that prices for stone have fallen dramatically in recent years, you have the makings of a great new product line for your sign shop-making stone . Stone Cutting Machine - Manufacturers, Suppliers & . Stone Cutting Machine These Stone Cutting Machine has made stone, tile, and marble cutting easier without restrictions. By closely nesting raw materials and a reduced small kerf width to cut the materials, the stone and tile industry is able to maximize performance by cutting any shape or size and create a better yield..... Evidence of Advanced Machining In Ancient Evidence of Advanced Machining In Ancient Egypt. Stephen S. Mehler, MA . The idea that some form of advanced machining technique was utilized by the ancient Egyptians is one that has been circulating in the literature for well over ten years. I have presented the concept in my two books, The Land of Osiris (Adventures Unlimited .    Read More