bench grinder and belt sander

Bench Grinder vs. Belt Sander - Grinders, Sanders, etc - . bench grinder is restricted to only one size of contact wheel. belt has many options. Bench is stuck to a few grits, belt has many, plus small wheel and platen or slack belt work can not be done on a bench grinder. there is no speed control on the bench grinder, they are not the same machines Convert bench grinder into disc sander? - . Apr 14, 2010· Convert bench grinder into disc sander? Would have to figure a way to mount a plywood or mdf plate onto the shaft of the grinder. As well as some method of applying the paper to the plate in a way that it can be changed. Homemade Belt Sanders and Grinders - . Homemade Belt Sanders and Belt Grinders HomemadeTools's belt sanders and grinders category is the best place to find hundreds of different kinds of belt sander and belt grinder builds, modifications, and many different sanding and jigs for any DIY projects you can imagine.    Read More