developing formulations for concrete additives

Concrete Admixture Formulations Manual ... - Amazon Formulations selected in Concrete Admixture Formulations Manual for are true, possessing characteristics of simple production technology, wide source of raw materials, high practicality of products, low equipment investment, and good application effect, and they can be adopted by admixtures companies in developing new products directly, . New Additives - BYK Additives & Instruments AQUACER 1540 - Wax Additive to Improve the Surface Properties of Water-borne Coating Formulations, Especially Can Coatings AQUACER 1540 is a wax emulsion based on carnauba wax, and has been specially developed for can coatings with thin layers. Coupling Agents - BYK Additives & Instruments The additive contains a multitude of two different types of functional groups. One type of these groups is capable of developing a bond on the fillers being used, while the other type reacts with the surrounding polymer matrix.    Read More