conclusion for grinding process

Grinding - a Finishing Process - - In some grinding applications, the use of oil is impractical and a water-based fluid must be chosen. When this is the case, other measures can be taken to reduce the likelihood of thermal damage. The temperature of the grinding fluid, for example, has a pronounced influence on its heat removal capability. AVOIDING THERMAL DAMAGE IN GRINDING - . Conclusion The 52100 bearing steel is susceptible to several forms of thermal damage during grinding: rehardening burn, temper burn, and residual stresses. These forms of damage result from fluid film boiling in the grinding zone. Damage of the Surface Layer Gears in Grinding . Damage of the Surface Layer Gears in Grinding Process Ryszard W ojcik ... With similar grinding process, various grinding wheels, grinding steel case Fig. ... The Effect of Grinding in Titanium... 323 5. Conclusions It is well known that it is extremely difficult to obtain in an efficient, conventional THE INFLUENCE OF COOLANTS FOR METAL . material, the coolant, the rigidity of the grinding system and the period of the grinding contact. The grinding process efficiency depends on the chip removal space of grinding-wheel cutting surface which represents maximum volume of the removed material. The space between the cutting edges and grains, includes pores gives chip removal space.    Read More