diamond and gold areas of the congo

Congo diamond deposits, geology, exploration, mining. This relative fragility (which evidently diminishes the quality of product) is explained by the effect of too fast pressure and temperature change letting the diamond in an unstable state. There are three times less stones of 2-3 mm that of 1-2 mm, three times less than 3-4 mm that of 2-3 mm, etc. What Makes Countries Rich or Poor? | by Jared Diamond ... An example, mentioned in Chapter 12, is the diamond boom in Sierra Leone, which contributed to that nation's impoverishment. Other examples are Nigeria's and the Congo's poverty despite their wealth in oil and minerals respectively. Congo's Conflict Minerals: US Companies Struggle To . The so-called conflict minerals are tantalum, tungsten, tin and gold, mined and extracted from ore often in war-torn areas such as eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, where the mineral trade has ...    Read More